BIA Milestones

BIA Achievement

The first successful protest to raise its voice against the then Kurla Borough Municipality which levied arbitrary and exorbitant tax assessment on the industries in the region. Through continuous pressure, the Government had to relent and supersede the Municipality. History reveals that the Association was instrumental in setting up several infrastructural amenities, like setting up of Bus Services, Postal and Telegraph Offices, Separate Telephone Exchange even by offering extra space then available with the concerned industries for the benefit of public interest. It also once contemplated to take over the then Suburban Bus Service- which was not operating properly inconveniencing the public. Its marvelous achievement was to set up Two Industrial Estates viz. Kurla Industrial Estate and Marol Industrial Estate, in the early sixties, which are still humming with Hi-Tech Industrial activities, and bears testimony to the Association’s Monumental efforts to contribute to the industrial growth of State of Maharashtra.