Chairman Speech

Dear Friends:

It is an honour to be elected as the 57th President of our esteemed organisation. My sincere thanks to my Office Bearers, Executive Committee members and above all, the members of our association.
Unveiling the theme “Survive. Revive. Resurge.” .
The year gone by has taught us a lot, and given us time to introspect as to what is it that we really want and need to do to stay happy and fulfilled, from the depths of the lockdown, which a lot of us struggled to survive, to the next couple of months where we saw a revival of activity to the future where we can see a resurgence of economic activity,
And keeping this in mind we have chosen this year’s theme as SRR (Survive Revive Resurge)
The association and the office staff, who are truly the backbone and have played such a major role in keeping the activities of association vibrant have spent a major part of the lockdown collecting afresh the data of all the members
And with this data we hope to reach out to the members more effectively, thereby creating more meaningful business opportunities.
This year we have launched an ambitious project under the banner of BIA Academia wherein we propose to try and bridge the gap between what the industry wants and needs and what is imparted to the students.

We hope to bring about a positive impact on all the students who we touch base with through the various programs that have been planned through the year,

And as a first step we have signed an MOU with NM college of Commerce and Economics for this.

We also hope to try and create a culture of innovation within our organizations with the help of these bright and fresh minds and we look to making future business leaders out of them through this partnership

In spite of the lockdown we have successfully worked on a couple of things and these should see the light of the day in the next couple of weeks. BIA in collaboration with GlobalLinker is in the process of launching an online BIA Mall wherein members will be able to display and sell their products to not only the members but to a much larger audience.
We are also in the process of relaunching the BIA app keeping in mind the changing environment.
We will also be looking at encouraging our members to support startups via the our Starto BIA program and also helping our member organizations through the Saptang program undertaken by Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies, University of Mumbai.
Over and above this, we will try and engage more with the members and keep our calendrer full with our signature events like speed networking event, BIA cricket league, the conclave, the intl and domestic industrial visits.

I sincerely THANK our Chief Guest Adv. Shri Anil Parabji, our Guest of Honour Mr. Pramod Sadarjoshiji, for sparing their valuable time to be with us today.

We are also sincerely THANK Mr. Nadir Godrej for his excellent and inspiring message and Brand Guru Jagdeep Kapur.

We also THANK our past presidents who have toiled hard to make what BIA is today.
I also thank Our hosts the Hyatt Hotel,
our sponsors Madhuban Toyota,
BIA office Sectratariat without whom these events would not be possible,
our media managers,
The BIA members at large,
our EC members who are always standing tall with us in all our events,
my tireless OB team without which non of this is possible and last but not the least my family.

Thank you everyone and God Bless you all!

“Survive. Revive. Resurge.”