Benefits of Membership


BIA provides a platform for like-minded people to come together to discuss ideas, build links, find new opportunities, and form connections that would not otherwise be possible.

Training & Education

Webinars, seminars and workshops are common BIA events that assist members and their teams to learn and grow in their career. Members have regular opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship outside of these official events, allowing them to share their expertise and knowledge.


Represent the organization's objective and influence Policies that affect the industry. The combined resources of an association's members can be used to lobby Policies and sway public opinion in favour of the Industry.


BIA Members get immediate access to any news or developments that affect their business and the industry. BIA publishes “The Entrepreneur” eMagazine that helps its members stay on top of the latest developments in the business ecosystem.


BIA also provides an opportunity for members to build personal relationships that can last a lifetime. According to recent research, over 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of an Active Industry association. BIA gives their members many advantages in a fast-paced, competitive world.

Access to Talents

BIA ACADEMIA, an industry-Academics partnership helps members to have access to Talents which generally has eluded the Small enterprises. students getting 360 degree view of businesses and Industry owners getting mindshare of the innovative youths.

Investment Opportunity

STARTOBIA, A platform to bring together innovative and technology-based startups, as well as members' experience and investment capabilities. Startups have access to members' network and circle of influence, while the Members have access to next-generation businesses.

Global Influence

BIA has close relationships with Consulates and commercial Attache of various countries which help us get desired connect, enabling Joint ventures & technology transfers, receive international trade inquiries and opportunities for new collaboration

Domestic Exposure

Every year BIA organizes domestic as well as international visits wherein members meet counterparts, trade bodies, policy / decision makers. BIA and imbibe best industry practices from across the globe.