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Welcome to 75th year of BIA


I am honored to extend a warm welcome to the distinguished new members of the Executive Committee as we embark on a transformative journey together at the Bombay Industries Association. With a rich legacy of 75 years, our association stands as a beacon of excellence in fostering growth and prosperity for SME industries in India.
Being part of this prestigious committee is not just an opportunity; it is a commitment to advancing the collective vision of propelling our nation towards a 5 trillion-dollar economy. Your presence amplifies our strength and reinforces our dedication to serve and uplift SMEs. This year, our theme "Elevate, Empower, Evolve" underscores the individual emphasis we place on driving positive change. As leaders, our responsibility is not merely to imagine possibilities but to turn those dreams into tangible implementations. Our collective efforts will resonate in the success stories of countless businesses we support.
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Hitesh Shetty

Mr. Hitesh Shetty Signature
President Mr. Hitesh Shetty at his installation ceremony introducing BIA 2024 - 25 theme - ELEVATE – EMPOWER - EVOLVE

“This is BIA's 75th year, a watershed moment in its history and we will all work together to make it exceptional and unforgettable”



To provide services to the members in terms of understanding present Economic issues, envisage future to develop healthy and competitive Business environment and to spearhead the promotion of trade globally with a focus on consumer and social welfare activities.



BIA has a vision to make India as manufacturing hub by taking important initiatives by serving the needs of the industry; to act as a catalyst between government and other bodies and industrial members of the Association. BIA has a envisioned to make the Association a force to reckon with on matters affecting Trade and Industry. BIA has a committed vision to continual quality improvement of the services rendered for the betterment of the Trade and Industry.


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Hitesh Shetty

Mr. Hitesh Shetty

President, Bombay Industries Association

Proprietor of Westfield Pest / Hygiene Services Pan India

Hitesh Shah

Mr. Hitesh Shah

Vice President, Bombay Industries Association

Director Of Suru Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Doshi

Mr. Rajesh Doshi

Vice President, Bombay Industries Association

Managing Director of Diagold Creation Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ryan Fernandes

Mr. Ryan Fernandes

Hon. Secretary, Bombay Industries Association

Director of Adept Global

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