President's Speech

Mr. Nevil Sanghvi

President, Bombay Industries Association
Welcome to 75th year of BIA

Ideate, Innovate, Implement

Dear Friends,
I'll begin by expressing my deep gratitude for entrusting me with the most important position in BIA. And when I receive this Baton from My Predecessor, Mr Sanjay Shah, I promise him, all our Past Presidents, and each and every one of you here that I will do everything in my power to ensure that the organization reaches new heights before I hand it over to my successor.
Respected Anil Agarwal ji, Jay Shah ji, Mrs Megha Tata and My Mentor Bharat Goenka ji, thank you for being here to grace the occasion. Your presence today gives me a new sense of confidence in my ability to pursue Bia's vision with greater vigour.
8 years back, My Friend and BIA Past President Rajendra Kothari enrolled me in BIA, pushed me into the Executive Committee, and then with other Past President Mr Amit Chaudhary, sweet persuaded me into being an Office Bearer, never realizing that one day I would have to lead this Esteem Organization.
It's been an incredible experience. I worked with a different leader, with a different theme, but with the same goal in mind: to elevate BIA to the pinnacle of Indian SME representation.
Every Year, The New President introduces a new theme and launches new projects. The following year, they are further nurtured by the next president and his office bearer team.
Taking a cue from them, I along with my team of office bearers would like to launch a theme with the keyword “Innovation”.
The parallel word I think in Hindi is Juggad. We all know that MSME’s have to do Jugaad for survival. However I think when the Jugaad is structured and proactive, it is “Innovation”.
In today’s fast-paced world, continuous innovation is the only way for any company to stay afloat. Ideation is the initial step towards innovation and there is no meaning if innovation is not implemented. so the theme for the year is the 3is ideate , innovate, implement . A Modern mantra for growth, enlisting fresh ideas, new energy and more contribution from the future generations.
Friends, this is also the association's 75th year , a watershed moment in its history and we will all work together to make it exceptional and unforgettable.
This is the ideal time to establish a Fresh Vision for the 75th year.
BIA's objective for Year 2022 is to be innovative and create opportunities for more business interaction, platform for knowledge sharing, increase representation to government, network across domestic and international front, taking up social obligations, and make it a year where BIA achieves a new avatar and become more relevant to entrepreneurs and industries.”
We have identified five critical success factors for the year 2022.
In honour of BIA's 75th Year, Our top priority for this year is to build a new BIA center that will house a world-class incubation facility for nurturing startups, a new BIA office, a spacious conference room, board room, multiple meeting rooms, a library, and a cafeteria.
I take this opportunity and request all Bia members to come forward and support us in achieving this goal. We have also approached Industry Stalwarts and Philanthropists to help us in this endeavor.
Our association will walk the talk, BIA plans to digitalise the entire Business finance management, Operations, workflows, Members management using Tally Prime, Vtiger CRM, BIA connect App and various tools. By the end of 2022, BIA will be a 100% digitized association.
Women are the epitome of creation and the 75th year is dedicated to their Entrepreneur Skills. BIA is happy to welcome its first woman executive committee member and the first premium Plan member who is also a woman entrepreneur. Our goal is to enlist at least a 100 women entrepreneurs as members this year.
This year, members will have more networking opportunities. Once a year, we host a large format speed networking event. In 2022, we plan to hold three additional meet and greet events, one every quarter, for new members to network and meet other members in an innovative way.
We also propose to launch two variations of memberships. We already launched a premium membership plan to have more active members And shortly launching E- membership for increasing the overall membership strength of BIA.
This year, the existing initiatives "StartoBIA" and “BIA Academia” will get wings, the BIA app will become the most widely used platform for member interaction and operations, more students will do internships with BIA members & ​​Makeover of the organization to have a more international reach.
I appeal to all past presidents, executive committee members and all members in general to come forward and fully support BIA’s platinum jubilee effort which will help propel the association to new heights.
I undertake as the BIA president to serve MSME in the real spirit of service for the greater good always in accordance with the Bombay industries associations vision and beliefs.
I thank the dignitaries on the Dias & Online, and all guests present here for being here tonight .
I thank you all.

Nevil Sanghvi