Wadhwani Foundation

About Wadhwani Foundation and Advantage Program:

Wadhwani Foundation https://www.wfglobal.org/ is a US 501c3 non-profit founded by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani https://www.wfglobal.org/who-we-are/#founder, a billionaire, with a vision to accelerate job creation in India and other emerging economies through entrepreneurship, small business growth, and skilling. Our mission is to protect or create jobs through making SMEs learn to solve their business problems in addition to solving their business problems.

We launched in 2019 our Advantage program https://www.wfglobal.org/advantage/ which I lead in India and Middle East and mentor it globally. As part of the Advantage program, we are keen to help the SMEs to accelerate their top line, profitably and empower them in building their in-house capacity to maximise their growth potential. This is a disruptive and unique model that blends AI enabled, learning and consulting focused on growth oriented and eligible SMEs > $10 Mn revenue with a median employee size of 250.

The Foundation commits its resources on IP creation, deployment and platform team and curated network of ~100s of professionals to build Do It Yourself (DIY) analytical tools, knowledge and process material, AI-enabled technology platform, GENIE, and human assistance to SMEs.

We provide knowledge assets for the SMEs, free of cost to them. In addition, the curated network largely works on pro bono, subsidised or success fee based engagement model, should SMEs need deeper interventions by expert networks.

Our interventions have won, a high Net Promoter Score of 73 in 2021 against the global gold standard of 50!

Quick WA Program Links:

We have on our ‘Genie’ platform the following assets:

We have built our IP aggressively and deployed successfully.

  • 60+ discovery and transformation excel analytical tools on business problems of growth, efficiency or operations, talent management, digital, etc, developed by experts having over 300 human years of management advisory and consulting experience.
  • 500+ knowledge resource assets of videos, articles, frameworks, cases, etc
  • Network of over 140 curated experts whom you could connect with including gig platforms, during discovery/ Key Performance Based your company health tracker and governance of transformation charters with WF staff.
  • Master class trainings for SME entrepreneurs on different topics.

We have embarked special 2022 initiative “IT’S YOUR ADVANTAGE” focused on revenue growth for US$10 M and above revenue SMEs, focused on disrupting the consulting and learning space, built on deep experience of having served ~600 SMEs since 2019.

Net Promoter Score: Thank our beneficiaries who have given us an NPS of 73 which is a testimony to our effort and outcomes we have been able to deliver to SMEs.