Service Forum

The Association has catered to the needs and benefits of its Members and Business Community at large. It is not just a Grievances Ventilating Body, the common concept of other Associations, but, it is a service forum rendering important services to the Industrial Community. It acts as a channel to ventilate the Members views, by way of reactions, to the State and Central Government.

Information Dissemination

Members are informed, regularly, of all important happenings concerning the Industrial and Business Community by means of Circulars, News-letters, Lectures, Seminars & Dialogue Meetings.

International Business Promotion Visit

The Association has arranged several Business Promotion Visits to study and adopt the modern technologies of developed and developing countries for the benefit of our Members. Needless to add that several of our Members have established excellent contacts for Export and have also entered into Collaborations, to their mutual benefit. The countries visited so far are Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius. This year a visit to Main-land China is planned.

Inter-City & Intra-City Industrial Visits

The Association arranges the above visits for Industrial Study and Vendor Development. Over the years, many of our Members have benefited, some even culminating as Ancillary Units of Large Industrial Units.

Lectures And Seminars

Lectures and seminars on important Legal, Tax, Legislative Enactment and Policies are regularly organized by the Association.

Discussion With Officials

We hold our Representation Committee Meetings regularly, where our members are given an opportunity of discussing with officials from various departments of the Central, State & Quasi Government bodies on matters of Individual or Collective Interest. This enables the Government officials to obtain a first hand report on practical difficulties faced by the Industry and Business. Similarly, these Meetings also enable the Members to understand and appreciate the thinking of the Government on present as well as proposed policies.